Q: 1.What is Morvest Travel?

Ans: Fast, simple and secure booking for flights and hotels.

Q: 2. Is Morvest Travel a secure site?

Ans: Payments are made via our ultra-secure Morvest Travel payment gateway.

Q: 3.How can I book a flight on Morvest Travel?

Ans: Choose your departure airport and arrival destination and pick a date.  Morvest Travel does all the hard work for you.

Q: 4. How can I book a hotel on Morvest Travel?

Ans: Choose the country and region and Morvest Travel lists a range of hotels in that area for you to choose from.

Q: 5. Can I book a connecting flight with Morvest Travel?

Ans: Your bookings are added to a Shopping Cart so that you can add whatever you need and pay at the end… just like in a supermarket!

Q: 6. How can I pay for my flight/hotel booking through Morvest Travel?

Ans: When you click on the payment button, you will be automatically and securely forwarded on your webpage to the Morvest Travel payment system to take payment safely and securely.

PAYMENT METHOD: Visa Master Card